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VoIP Advantages

What are the advantages of VoIP compared to traditional phone service?

  • One low monthly fee often covers either unlimited or a set amount of minutes for local and long distance calling.

  • There are no unexplained regulatory fees or taxes like you will normally see with traditional phone services. The lack of any taxes on Internet based phone calls helps to support VoIP providers in keeping their services extremely inexpensive comparatively.

  • Long distance and international calling is far less expensive. Since the Internet works as it does technically, there is little difference between calling someone next door or calling someone half way across the world. This gives VoIP providers the ability to offer very low rates for, or even free, long distance calling, and nominal charges for international calling normally go to support related interconnection overhead.

  • Interconnected VoIP enables you to make calls to, and receive calls from, traditional telephone numbers using your VoIP service. While many people only use their interconnected VoIP services from a single location, like a home or business, many interconnected VoIP services can be used on-the-go, anywhere a broadband Internet connection is readily available.

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