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VoIP Phone - VoIP 911 Tips

911 Recommendations for VoIP Subscribers

  • Provide an accurate physical address to your VoIP provider to ensure emergency services are quickly and accurately dispatched in the case of an emergency.

  • Know your VoIP providerís procedure for updating physical addresses, and promptly make updates in the event of a change.

  • Understand, in detail, any limitations of your VoIP 911 service and place the provided warnings on or near any VoIP related equipment.

  • Clearly explain any existing VoIP 911 service limitations to children, babysitters, and visitors.

  • Since your VoIP service may not work if your Internet connection is down or your power is out, consider a backup power supply, maintaining a basic traditional phone line, or having a wireless phone as backup.
For additional questions concerning VoIP 911 requirements and regulation, visit the FCC website here.

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