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Additional VoIP Features

This is a list of Additional VoIP Features supported by many VoIP providers today

Number Portability

Number portability means you are able to keep your current phone number and bring it to your new VoIP service provider. Normally, you would end up losing it and would have to get a completely new number. As you can understand, this is an extremely important feature, and is one that all service providers are striving hard to achieve. Please note that your current phone service provider must support this porting feature.

Voice Mail

Since the signal is digital, voice mail can be stored without any loss of quality to be checked at a later time. This feature performs the same task your answering machine does, except that the messages are held in a digital format by the VoIP Provider. These messages are accessible from anywhere, which allows you to throw away that old answering machine at last.

Voice eMail or Enhanced Voice Mail

With this feature you have the option of receiving Voice Mails through your voip provider web account, or in your regular email account as an e-mail attachment. This gives you full access to your messages from any computer.

Caller ID

All you need is a Caller ID enabled device to see the phone number calling before you answer the phone.

Caller ID with Name

This feature is very similar to Caller ID but with the added benefit of providing a name along with the number of the person calling.

Call Waiting

Call waiting alerts you with a special tone when you are on the phone and another call is coming in. This gives you the choice of answering the call or letting it go through to voice mail.

3-way Calling

Many voip providers offer 3-way calling for conference calls allowing you to talk to multiple people at the same time.

Call Forwarding

Automatically forward incoming calls to another phone number or straight to voicemail. This can be very helpful when expecting important calls allowing you to configure the feature to forward calls to your mobile phone, work phone, or even someonelses phone if you will be away for significant time. Some providers even offer call forwarding to more than one phone number.

Call Blocking

If you do not wish to be bothered by calls from a specific number, simply add it to your call blocking list and they will be denied. This feature can be very useful when dealing with overly-persistent ex-spouses, telemarketers or bill collectors.

Anonymous Call Blocking

VoIP allows you to block all calls without an originating phone number.


Fax capabilities give you the ability to send analog faxes over a VoIP phone line. Some providers may, however, require you get an additional VoIP phone line strictly for this purpose due to possible line configuration requirements. You might also consider what is commonly referred to as 'e-fax' which allows users to receive faxes as an email attachment.

Last Number Re-Dial

This feature enables you to call the last number dialed, generally with the push of a single button. This is a basic feature but can definitely save you time if you want to call someone back quickly, like in the event their line was busy.

411 Directory Assistance

Local directory assistance is supported so you can obtain phone numbers and/or physical address information for businesses in your area.

911 Service

Most VoIP providers direct 911 calls to local Public Safety Answering Points (PSAP's) based on the area code you have registered with the provider. Please click here for more specific information regarding this service.

Area Code Selection

Many voip providers allow you to select the area code of your choice (when available) if it best meets your business and/or personal needs.

Call Transfer

With this feature you are able to Transfer calls you have already answered to a different phone of your choosing. This can be an extremely useful feature when getting an urgent phone call for someone else in your household while they are not there, enabling you to immediately transfer the call to their mobile phone or business phone.

Caller ID Blocking

This feature allows you to hide your Caller ID while making outbound calls when privacy is an issue.

Change Phone Number

With voip you are normally able to change your phone number yourself. Many voip providers allow you to request a new phone number online with the simple click of a button, while others require you to call customer service and make the change over the phone.

Contact Lists

VoIP also allows you to assign specific names to numbers associated with your Caller ID. For instance, if your Mother's name is Sally Johnson. the normal display would read something like 'Johnson, Sal'. With the Contact Lists feature you are able to edit this information and assign a more suitable name like 'Mom' to be displayed each time she calls. Please note, you will need to use this option in conjunction with the 'Caller ID with Name' feature.

Distinctive Ring

This feature will work on two levels. First, if you have more than one number coming in on your primary line, you can set them up with distinctive ring tones allowing you to distinguish between, let's say, your home line and business line. Second, this feature allows you to assign different rings for individual callers so you know exactly who is calling simply by the ring.

Do Not Disturb

This feature allows you to send calls straight to voice mail without having to hear the phone ring.

Extra Virtual Numbers

This voip feature allows you to add virtual phone numbers to your primary line, usually at a very low cost. This would give you the ability to have phone numbers in numerous area codes without having to pay for additional phone lines. Beyond saving you money, this allows your friends and family in these different area codes all to call you as if it were a local call saving them money.

International Blocking

This voip feature allows you to block and unblock the international calls option to prevent charges for unintentional international calls. This is especially handy then you have little ones in the house.

Line Unavailable Forward

One of the disadvantages of VoIP is when your broadband connection goes down, so does your voip service. This feature gives you the ability to have your calls forwarded to another number if this were to happen. You can forward calls to your mobile phone or any other phone number you can be reached at, to ensure you never miss any calls.

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